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Deep snow and powder skiing lessons in Austria

Avalanche and technique training with the Herbst Berg pros

Untouched deep snow hills – equally fascinating and risky. They seem to attract skiers as if by magic, but at the same time they often radiate hard-to-assess dangers. This is where the deep snow and powder skiing lessons by Herbst Berg come into play. Together with your private instructor or coach you will receive individual support tailored to your needs.. Refresh your snow and avalanche knowhow, and perfect your ski and terrain technique, always adapted to your experience and touring level.

Modules of our deep snow skiing lessons

A deep snow courses with Herbst Berg is based on several modules, which together form an ideal learning or training programme for every need. First determine your requirements and current skill level with your coach, and then use the following options:

  • Deep snow lessons:
    Do you have previous deep snow experience? No? We’ll show you the most important basics in terms of positioning, pressure shifting and rhythm.
  • Ski technique:
    The deep snow technique strongly differs from the regular slope technique in parts. Find out what is important in your private lessons.
  • Terrain technique:
    Terrain can quickly change in open country. Learn to spot changing slope conditions in time to adapt your technique accordingly.
  • Avalanche knowhow:
    Avalanches are always possible in open terrain. Practice using your avalanche receiver and searcher, learn how to correctly read a snow report, and refresh your first aid knowledge.

The only thing missing for your deep snow and powder lessons is an enquiry!


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