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Herbst Berg Lofer: Tobogganing in Salzburg

A truly special spectacle

Tobogganing in Salzburg – a truly exciting spectacle. Refreshing fun in nature, accompanied by speedy runs and fine dining, will provide a valuable change for your next winter holiday. Travel to St. Martin near Lofer to one of the most beautiful toboggan runs of the region!

Dinner and toboggan fun

A whopping 2.1 km of tobogganing entertainment awaits you in Maria Kirchental in St. Martin. There’s a wonderful inn at the start of the run, where you can gain some strength for your fun downhill run. Our Herbst tip: boiled pork with horseradish, an old tradition with hot spices. With the toboggan brought along, which you can rent at Herbst Berg, you will now start the nightly descent. The easy yet tricky toboggan run near Lofer offers divine views of the illuminated village even at late hours.

  • Number of participants: at least 6 persons
  • Equipment: winter clothing and sturdy shoes

Receive more information on tobogganing Salzburg in St. Martin / Maria Kirchental on enquiry.

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